NO FORMAL EDUCATION – Leonardo Da Vinci Facts

NO FORMAL EDUCATION - Leonardo Da Vinci Facts

So here’s the deal. The man who is renowned to be one of the world

No Formal Education - Leonardo Da Vinci Facts
Da Vinci’s self portrait

s greatest geniuses is a man who is responsible for contributing to the world by making so many discoveries and countless inventions. All of which benefited us greatly to this very day, was born into a world that did not accept those who were born out of wedlock and were shunned from society as though they were some sort of blight in the world in which they lived. This made Leonardo Da Vinci’s life very hard indeed, the fact of the matter is that without a “proper” family and heritage, life for any individual would have been difficult to say the least. Because of this Da Vinci had no formal education and instead had an informal one in Latin and Mathematics and was left to rely on his own wits to get by in life. So the question is, how did Leonardo Da Vinci become the genius he was?

It was not until his teenage years (fifteen) that his father enrolled him into the workshop of Andrea del Verrochio as an apprentice. This is where he had an intensive education in the arts and picked up a huge range of technical skills which not only included sculpting, modelling, painting and drawing but also carpentry, mechanics, leather working, plaster casting, metal working, metallurgy, chemistry and drafting.

Fast-forward ten years after completing his tutelage under Verrochio. He continued to study the a wide variety of subjects such as architecture, geometry, civil and mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, optics, botany, geology, zoology and anatomy.

Even though Leonardo Da Vinci had no formal education, the facts speak for themselves. His unquenchable thirst to learn and unrelenting curiosity to understand the inner workings of the universe led him to become the man that he was. A Genius!

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NO FORMAL EDUCATION - Leonardo Da Vinci FactsOr Find out more about Leonardo Da Vinci in this amazing book “Leonardo Da Vinci: The Flights of the Mind” created by the prize winning author Charles Nicholl

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